Calf Purchase Program – Branch View Angus | Since 1940 | Hustonville, KY

Calf Purchase Program

We value and appreciate each of our customers that put their trust in our program. We have partnered with Pratt Feeders in Kansas for 10 years to feed our calves, and extend that service to you. Year after year, satisfied customers continue to take advantage of this opportunity. We will work with our customers who meet the following requirements to purchase or assist marketing their Branch View sired calves.

If you wish to feed your own calves to harvest, we would be glad to help facilitate the process for you to feed at Pratt or other recommended feedlots. We have connections to help sell your calves, steers and heifers, through other avenues. Please contact us for details.


  1. Must be sired by Branch View Angus bulls.
  2. Steers must be castrated and healed, heifers must be open.
  3. Must be weaned for a minimum of 45 days and eating from a bunk.
  4. Vaccinated and boostered for IBR, BVD, PI3 and BRSV. Booster injection must be modified live. Vaccinated for Clostridia (7-way or 8-way) according to manufacturer’s label instructions. Vaccinated for Mannheimia (Pastuerella) according to manufacturer’s label instructions.
  5. All calves must be tested BVD PI negative. Negative test records can be brought with calves at delivery or we will ear notch and test upon arrival. Should any test positive that we test on delivery they will remain the property of the seller.
  6. Dewormed with endectocide within 30 days of delivery
  7. Target weight is 550-750 lbs, cattle above 750 will be considered on a case by case instance.

Pricing and purchase times:

  1. We typically buy calves in May, November and December. However, for full load lots we may consider other times of the year.
  2. We price calves off of the state average published weekly on the Kentucky Livestock and Grain Market Report. Please contact us for a current price quote.


  1. All requirements must be met for calves to be considered for the Purchase Program.
  2. Only calves sired by a bull purchased from Branch View by the seller are eligible for the Purchase Program and marketing assistance.

If interested, contact Tim Deitrich, 859-619-0342

Billy Gleen and Scott Turpin

We have been buying bulls from Branch View since 2012, we appreciate the quality of the bulls and how they stand behind them. The calf purchase program has been very beneficial for us and we
are very happy doing business with Branch View.

Billy Glenn and Scott Turpin